How the media affects perception

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Write an argumentative essay on How the media affects perception. Needs to be 2 pages. .Television is one of the strongest media that has impacted our lives and the way we think. We cannot get away from the fact that most of our tastes, dressing and most importantly our lifestyle have been deeply influenced by the television through their commercials, soaps, dramas, music, dance and cultural programs.On the flip side, television helps to educate and keep us informed and abreast with all that is taking place in the world through its news channels and its many other educative channels. But yet, besides all its good facets, it has been able to influence our lives in such a way that is difficult to even fathom.One ironic notion is how T.V commercials portray the majority of women as housewives when actually more that 35 to 55 percent of women make up the regular workforce. (Journal of the University Film Association, 1981, pg. 6) Violence portrayed on T.V has had an exceptionally great influence especially on the youth of today who consider it to be the most natural thing. Good examples of this are the Hungerford massacre and the Columbine Killings.Another major factor that has taken its toll on the women of today is dieting. Through their flashy commercials depicting pencil thin figures of women has had a bad influence over the normal woman who thinks she has to become like the models in the commercial and hence goes through a lot of stress and trauma in doing so. As a result she becomes anorexic or bulimic and undergoes a lot of psychological problems.The radio may be a much cheaper way of advertising or getting various ideas or information across but it is rather an effective way to reach a target audience. The radio influences us in many different ways, in that it helps to change our opinion or tastes on things such as music, the buying and using of different products, gauging or forming opinions of different politicians, celebrities etc. This change is brought

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