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Write an assignment on Hospitality management (course unit BSBMGT617 Develop and implement a business plan) project -D, task 1, 2, 3.file attached belowTask 1.1: Plan your objectiveChoose one goal or objective of your workplace or training organisation and develop a business plan which will contribute to its eventual achievement.Discuss your business plan topic with your assessor prior to commencing the project.Here are some examples of what your plan could relate to:Increasing sales or productivity.Developing or maintaining customer service excellence.Increasing market share or developing new markets.Researching and developing new products or services for introduction into the business or production/manufacturing by the business.Development of new methods of communication with customers.Business expansion.Increasing brand awareness.Reduction of local and global environmental footprint.Development or enhancement of employee development and/or support programsSave your goal or objective that you’ve written. You don’t have to submit anything at this stage.Task 1.2: Undertake planning and researchCollect evidence of the following development processes as you undertake planning and research for your chosen topic.Analysis and review of pre-existing strategic, business and operational plans.Processes used to review market requirements and to profile customer needs and pricing structures, where appropriate to the business.Processes used to identify resource requirements.Development of budgets and other financial documents or plans (if applicable).Consultation processes with stakeholders.Processes used to develop performance objectives and measures.Evidence could be in the form of emails, letters, minutes of meetings, transcripts of telephone conversations, reports from managers, supervisors or specialists within the business, or from external specialist advisers, newspaper and magazine articles, and a bibliography of websites accessed.Save your research. You will be required to submit your evidence upon completion of Task 1.3. Task 1.3: Develop a business planGo to the Australian Government website, the top menu, click on ‘Plan & Start’, then on the right side of the web page under ‘In this section’, select ‘Templates and tools’, then ‘Business plan template and guide’. Here you will find a link to a ‘Business plan template’ and ‘Business plan guide’. Open and save a copy of the business plan template locally.Name the file Assessment D_Business plan.Use this template and guide to prepare a written business plan for the goal or objective you have chosen. Delete any sections or sub-sections that do not apply to your plan.Alternatively, you can use your workplace or training environment’s business plan template, a template researched from another source, or develop your own.At a minimum, your plan should include the following information.Description of the business, its products and services.Goals and objectives of the business plan.Overview of the current status of the business and the marketplace it operates in.Activities to be completed to achieve the stated goals and objectives.Marketing activity where it applies to the plan.Identification of financial, human and physical resources required to implement the plan.Permit and licensing requirements applicable to the plan.Performance measurements for evaluating progress and business plan performance.Productivity and performance targets for key result areas.Consultation processes to be used during implementation and monitoring of the plan.Your assessor will use the ‘Business plan template’ and ‘Business plan guide’ on the Australian Government website to help assess your plan.Submit your completed business plan and evidence of any planning research or consultation you undertook in Task 1.2 to your assessor.Task 2Task 2.1: Implement and monitor your planImplement the activities, projects or objectives outlined in your business plan from Task 1.During the implementation process, regularly review performance against your objectives.Depending on the objectives outlined in your business plan, performance could be monitored against any of the following examples.Profit and loss reportCommunity awareness and brandingEnvironmental impact reportsGovernanceQuality outcomesSales reportsTriple bottom line analysisWorkforce consultationKeep detailed information/notes during the implementation process. You’ll need this information for your report in Task 2.2. Task 2.2: Prepare a reportPrepare a brief report to a key stakeholder which summarises your analysis of performance and compares results against planned objectives.Save your report as Assessment D_Performance report.Identify areas of underperformance in the report and suggest possible reasons for these outcomes.Review and refine performance indicators, if necessary.Comment on any system processes or work methods that you think need to be reviewed (if applicable).Your report should be presented fully typed in a formal report format, which includes the following.1.   Cover or title page2.   Table of contents3.   Introduction4.   Body – with headings and numbering systems 5.   Conclusion6.   Recommendations7.   References: list sources of information and researchTask 3: Question and answerRespond to the short-answer questions related to your business plan from Task 1 and report from Task 2.Question 1Question textHow did you communicate the plan’s goals and objectives, performance requirements and timelines to relevant staff?Question 2Question textChoose one method of communication used and describe how you ensured understanding of the requirements of the business plan to the relevant parties. What techniques did you use? Question 3Question textHow did you ensure you had skilled labour available at the appropriate times when implementing the plan?Question 4Question textWhat steps did you take to analyse performance reports? Briefly outline the process you followed.Question 5Question textWhy is it important to test performance measurement systems prior to implementing the business plan or during the early stages of implementation?Question 6Question textHow did you identify and report system and product failures and variances?Question 7Question textDid you need to review or refine any performance indicators? Briefly describe the processes used to identify the necessary changes and modify the performance indicators. Question 8Question textWhat changes had to be made to system processes and work methods after completion of the review process?

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