History of racism in australia

Prepare and submit a paper on the history of racism in australia. In the Australian learning environment, the issue of racial discrimination has affected the way aboriginal students are treated. As a teacher, I feel the war against racial discrimination in Australia should begin in the education sector. The PDHPE teachers should be committed to implementing the various efforts that have been put forward to eliminate racial discrimination in this country. I feel that creating a fair learning environment that empowers the aboriginal students and establishes equity in activities such as sports will work well in the war against racial discrimination.&nbsp.In Australia, the sports sector has been dominated a by a great manifestation of racial discrimination. Shannon (2013) points out that if the sport was a litmus test for racism the results would be pretty damning. The idea of Shannon is that Australian sports sector has shown the highest level of racial discrimination. This racial xenophobia in sports is a factor that has a long history in Australia and still persists today. One of the ways that racial discrimination is dominated is through the absence of aboriginal players within the existing sports teams. For instance, the first Aborigine to play cricket in Australia was seen as a great asset to the society. Shiney was the first person to play Cricket in 1835 in Australia and he became a historical icon. When he died, his head was kept in a museum to signify the rarity of such an aborigine icon. Between the year 1850 and 1987, after the death of Shiney, only 10 Aborigines has made it into the cricket teams in the country. The statistical coverage of the involvement of Aborigines in the Australian sports environment shows that racial discrimination in the sports sector was severe and affected the aborigines negatively.&nbsp.Secondly, there were many stereotypical references to the Aborigines who enrolled in the sports teams.

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