History of drag racing

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I find the title of the documentary movie very descriptive. Slingshot was an ancient weapon used mainly for accelerating an object towards its target. Therefore, the title stick out as the movie tries to unravel how this sporting event started many years ago. Even before opening the movie, the title thus gave me the idea of what I was to expect as far as its content is concerned. I like the idea of how the young men decided to go to the dry riverbeds and desert environment to compete amongst themselves. There were no rules and regulation in the 1930s regulating such dangerous activities.

So I find moving away from the general public in Southern California was a great idea for the young men who were not afraid of speed and injuries. I was amused by their choice of the dry lakes of Mojave Desert as their field since it is a pretty dusty environment. After all, I think the sport was a dirty game of trying to outscore each other taken too far. I however find it interesting to discover that even during the domestication of the horse long time ago. young men would challenge each other on matters of speed.

I believe any event however entertaining. lack of organization is a recipe for its failure in the long-run. I was a little bit taken aback that the rowdy youth saw the need for organizing their risky activity despite having the most outrageous desire that can cross any mind of a sane person. Two locations that really stands out that helped in the advancement of drag racing is Goleta, north of Santa Barbara and Santa Ana Airport, which came into use in 1949 and 1950 respectively. I like the way their idea of using Goleta as a venue of streamlining drag racing. However, the thought of using an airport to conduct their businesses is a clear indication that the young men were ready to move their love for speed a notch higher establishing codified rules.

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