Historical time and social trend

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Write 8 pages thesis on the topic historical time and social trend of kurt lewin. Lewin carried out various experiments in a bid to decipher the human behaviorism, under different conditions. Moreover, Lewin formulated various theories that explained these aspects of human behavior. Some of these theories include the field theory and the group dynamics theory, among others. These human factors, together with the theories have elucidations in the document. Historical Time and Social Trend of Kurt Lewin Introduction Social Psychology emerged through linking sociology and psychology. In it, experts analyzed the way in which individuals, groups and environment affect the behavior patterns of other individuals or groups.

Additionally, it is clear that social psychology uses a scientific approach in explaining the rationale behind an individual’s thinking, feeling and behavior, how one acquires influence from actual, anticipated or implied the existence of other individuals. Before the 19th century, the human aspects of behavior used to have an emphasis in philosophy classes. Moreover, it was not until the early 19th century that social psychology came into existence.

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