Histological means

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1. histological means and 2. functional shape mean ? View film clip 6 "Stepping over log" and fill out the table for the joint named. Use the right lower limb (near limb) in your analysis as the walkersteps up onto the log.Stepping onto a log – Movement times: 16:21:03:500 to 16:21:03:800JointClassification:Classification:Movement &ContractionMuscle role &histologicalMuscle activefunctional shapeplane of& justification& justification(including origin & insertion)type &justificationmovement(3 x 1/2 mark)justification(2 x 1/2 mark)(2 x 1/2 mark)(2 x 1/2 mark)(2 x 1/2 mark)What position does(2 x 1/2 mark)this muscle lie inrelation to the joint?(1/2 mark)hip

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