Healthcare statistics

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Healthcare statistics – HIT 200…..I cannot figure out how to use the table on this assignment. It is the final for my healthcare statistics class and I know how to calculate the answers, but I can’t figure out what data I need for each of the formulas. I am on a deadline of March 18th at 11pm CST. Here are the questions that go with these stat tables:a.     Calculate the average daily inpatient census for each of the below (See Chapter 3): PLEASE SEE ATTACHED EXCEL SPREADSHEET FOR CALCULATIONS:i.    adults and children for the year: ii.   newborns for the year: iii.  average for A&C for period A: iv.  average for psychiatric unit for period D: v.   average for OB unit for period B: Answer: b.  Calculate the percent occupancy for each of the below (See Chapter 4):i.    A&C for year: ii.   newborns for year iii.  A&C for period C: iv.  surgical unit for period B: v.   pediatric unit for period D:

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