Health Promotion

Complete 37 page APA formatted essay: Health Promotion at Tackling Coronary Health Disease.The study findings thus reveal that to reduce the risk of CHD, it is essential for the women to lead a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and involve in various physical activities. It is usually found that the South Asian women in the UK are less exposed to physical activities due to various socio-cultural barriers, and most of them are unaware of CHD and its consequences along with the preventive measures. The governments of UK are implementing effective policies and strategies to reduce CHD among the South Asian women. However, more cooperation is required from the government and the healthcare authorities in creating awareness among these sections of the country.&nbsp.Conclusion: The literature review helped to conclude that the UK Government has been, to a great extent, successful in implementing effective health promotion techniques to prevent CHD among South Asian women in the UK. Through the health promotion techniques, the government has been creating awareness, educating the South Asian women regarding the health hazards of CHD and trying to reduce the risk factors associated with the identified issue. The government is also promoting various physical activities and a healthy diet among South Asian women that would reduce the risk of CHD among this population in the UK. The data further revealed that there has been a successful response to the health preventive techniques and measures in tackling CHD in the UK. Moreover, the cultural-based initiatives employed by the government and other organizations have to a larger extent been more effective than the educational programmes.&nbsp.

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