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Write a research paper on chapter 8 discussion exercise- the world health organization healthy workplaces model. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. Discussion Exercise: World Health Organization Healthy Workplaces Model Question Defining Healthy Workplaces Technically, a health workplace is a working environment that offers safety and protection to the physical, mental and psychological well-being of stakeholders, especially workers. Traditionally, health in workplaces focused primarily on physical safety measures like use of helmets for engineers, and hand gloves for chemical workers. However, today’s workplace health exceeds the traditional physical considerations, and incorporates initiatives meant to safeguard patients against mental and psychological disturbances in their professional undertakings (World Health Organization 08). In this context, a healthy workplace is an environment filled with sustainable strategies and resources meant to create and maintain suitable levels of physical, emotional and psychological well-being among the workforce.

Question 2: Two Principles of the Action Model One of the key underlying principles of WHO workplace health model is leadership involvement. In addressing health issues within a workplace, leaders and managers should be at the forefront. Primarily, subordinate employees work under strict directions provided by leaders. Actually, subordinate employees have limited influence in the formulation and structuring of workplace practices (World Health Organization 21). Contrarily, leaders have the freedom and permission to integrate health objectives in workplace practices. Besides leadership involvement, another paramount core principle in the model is sustainable representation of workers. Technically, employees possess practical knowledge on the depth and breadth of health challenges within their respective workstations. In this case, democratic representation of workers in decision making and policy formulation will enhance the representativeness of healthy workplace practices (World Health Organization 21). Personally, I would incorporate both principles of leadership engagement, and sustainable representativeness in my future workplace.

Question 3: Practical Action Step As a participant in strategies of improving workers’ health, I would actively engage in awareness campaigns, especially charity runs and related community outreach programs. Undeniably, the first step in addressing health problems within a workplace is awareness creation. Most workers and community members may be oblivious of unhealthy workplace practices. In this case, awareness campaigns will not only highlight the presence of undesirable workplace practices, but also elaborate on the probable impacts of those practices.

In this context, I would participate in the planning and staging of awareness marathons, and offer any relevant expertise in formulation and implementation of other awareness programs like radio talks and online discussion forums. Work Cited World Health Organization. Healthy Workplaces: A Model for Action for Employers, Workers, Policy-makers, and Practitioners. Zurich, Switzerland: World Health Organization, 2010. Print.

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