Greatest Communicator

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Write 2 page essay on the topic Greatest Communicator.It should also be known that a good communicator has effective listening skills.Moe has outstanding qualities when it comes to communication. It is from how he speaks to the audience that makes him unique. Moe has impacted lives of most students positively as well as keeping in check the performance of the students. In terms of monotony, Moe breaks it by adding stories to the speech. Moreover, he also involves his audience in the conversation by asking questions.Moe has various communication skills that make him notable. Moe has an impressive confidence that makes him stand out from other communicator. Confidence is vital because it ensures that the communicator delivers a speech full of content. Moreover, Moe uses direct contact in ensuring that he clearly delivers the message. The use of eye contact also ensures that the communicator gets the attention required from the audience. The ability to influence the audience’s emotions by his sense of humour clearly makes Moe unique in terms of communication.Effective communication skills by Moe impacts individuals on a significant margin. When presenting a speech, it is crucial that the audience gets emotionally tuned as well as enjoy the speech. Use of gestures like Moe ensures that the audience gets information clearly as well as enjoys the speech. The speaker’s use of non-verbal cues is of great necessity as it ensures that the audience does get bored. Hence, this impacts individuals especially those in management position and leadership positions to sharpen their communication skills (Cohn, 2007). Moreover, involving the audience in the presentation of speech makes them ride along. Direct eye contact is vital in enhancing emphasis to a given statement or speech. Moe also involves the audience in the speech makes the audience interact freely with the speaker and in case of this relations the speaker may takes some time to mentor his audience.Communication when done in the most effective way becomes

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