Grammer on langauges

Write grammars for the following languages:1. Strings of 0’s and 1’s with unequal numbers of 0’s and 1’s.2. Strings of 0’s and 1’s that are palindromes (the second half of the string is the reverse of the first half.3. Strings of 0’s and 1’s of the form xxGenerate LR(0) tables for these grammars (use your LAB3 program)For each of the three grammars above, answer the question: Is the grammar SLR? Yes or No. If No, indicate at least oneconflict. See algorithm 4.8, page 227, example of conflictdescribed at the bottom of page 229. DELIVERABLES:Listing of each grammar.LR(0) tables for each grammar. If you concludethat they are not SLR, indicate where in the LR(0) tablesthere is a conflict, and what kind of conflict.HINT:====You may want to use the LAB2 program to generate FOLLOW tables for yourgrammar.

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