Government providing health care

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Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Should the government provide health care.However, there is no sufficient evidence supporting the failures of government healthcare. Moreover, many developed countries such as Canada and Britain have successfully initiated a national healthcare plan. Therefore, governments should provide healthcare to the citizens.There are several arguments in support of government healthcare.Firstly, the initiation of government healthcare will ensure that everyone has access to healthcare. Many people do not have access to healthcare because many employers are not providing healthcare insurance due to increased premiums. Therefore, employees are carrying the burden of healthcare and many opt not to apply for health insurance. Accessing healthcare in hospitals is expensive for many citizens and this leads to deterioration of their health. The governmentÂ’s provision of healthcare will ensure every citizen is able to access medical attention regardless of their financial status. Privatized healthcare is costly and not everyone can afford to pay for check-ups, health insurance premiums, and prescriptions. The healthcare provided by the government will be free for all citizens (Kaplan and Rodgers, 2009).Government healthcare would also improve the quality of healthcare as the health professionalsÂ’ time will not be wasted in processing insurance claims. Competition of insurance companies would be eradicated as the government would be in charge of healthcare administration. A lot of time is wasted in handling many insurance claims. A lot of insurance paperwork needs to be filled and claims need to be submitted. Therefore, the initiation of a government healthcare plan would ensure that healthcare professionals would only focus on treating their patients (Patel and Rushefsky, 2006). In addition, provision of healthcare by the government can help in regulating insurance companies. In privatized healthcare, insurance companies make a lot of money by raising premiums unfairly. Moreover, insurance

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