Global warming issues

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Assignment Help

Write a 1 page paper on global warming issues. What makes their excess in the atmosphere particularly dangerous is their function. They serve as a blanket for the sun rays after they reach the Earth so that they can not radiate back to space (Kayne). The tremendous energy stored in the sun rays thus adds to the heat of the environment, and the temperature of the Earth rises in general. The rising temperature has many repercussions. As the temperature is going up, glaciers are melting away, thus adding to the seawater. There has been a considerable rise in the sea level over the past few centuries. The excess water floods out of the sea and causes damage to life and property on Earth. Every year, several tsunamis happen in different parts of the world. Much of natural disasters can be attributed to global warming. Moreover, global warming is depriving the polar bears of their habitat. As glaciers melt away, polar bears find it difficult to survive.

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