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Case Study: Get SatisfactionRead the following material in the text related to the company, Get Satisfaction:Company overview: “On the Job: Communicating at Get Satisfaction Using New Media Concepts to Solve an Age-Old Problem,” on p. 225Communication challenges: “On the Job: Solving Communication Dilemmas at Get Satisfaction,” challenge 1, on p. 240Write a 2- to 3-page report in paragraph form with an introduction, supporting material, and conclusion that addresses the following for challenge 1:Analyze options a through d as appropriate responses to challenge 1.Explain why each option would or would not be the best solution based on what you learned in this course.Format your report consistent with APA guidelines.o    Write to a purpose, and this will always be the assignment.  Your answers will have a conclusiono    Pay attention to Grammar rules and write to posted grading rubric(s)o    Write in the third persono    Do not write with “that or which” as they are unneeded pronounso    Do not use contractions such as didn’t instead spell out  did noto    Do not use same words over and over, learn to use a thesaurus, so words are not repetitive.   Make sure one uses the right words when writingo    Write in the active voice not passive voice

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