General Map questions

In this assignment you will be asked to answer questions this map. Your webpage should look like this: General Map questions to respond to: Looking at this map, name as many continents of the world as you can. Name as many large bodies of water (oceans, seas, gulfs) as you can. Look at the solid orange lines, which represent water routes. What are the busiest areas of trade on the Indian Ocean? Which areas form the hubs of trade (the locations from which goods and people are going in and coming out)?Look at the peripheral areas of the map. Has extensive ocean-faring trade reached the western coastlines of Africa, Southeast Asia or Australia? What do you think this means for governments and people in these areas?Now look at the dotted orange lines, which represent overland trade routes during these centuries. How were China and Southwest Asia (the Middle East) connected via overland routes?

Where on the map do water routes and overland routes converge such that goods transported via water can then be carried to another destination overland, or vice versa? Research one of fourteen travelers listed on the Mid-evil Era Map from a list below. You will notice a legend that has a person for the symbol of travelers. Move your mouse or cursor over at least one of the explorers on the Indian Ocean Mid-eval Map until you discover one you would like to read more in-depth about. Write a few paragraphs about this explorer. Give facts about their explorations and details of travels.

Read the fact statements at the bottom of this page. What surprises you most about Indian Ocean trade and it’s impact on Asian cultures?

List of travelers: Ibn Battuta on the Malabar Coast Ibn Battuta in East Africa Ibn Battuta in the Arabian SeaI bn Battuta on Chinese Ships Ibn Battuta in the Maldives Zheng He First Voyage Zheng He Third and Fourth Voyages Zheng He Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Voyages Allan bin Hassun Gil Eanes Rabbi Benjamin Fa Shien Marco PoloAl-Ya’qubi (History of Al-Ya’qubi)

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