Gender Studies about the family

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Submit a 500 words essay on the topic Gender Studies about the family.tion, on the other hand, depends on the ability of the other to&nbsp.acquire&nbsp.the most&nbsp.excellent&nbsp.species&nbsp.or the higher number of mates basing on the degree of&nbsp.difference& reproduction (Marlene 8).&nbsp.Birds with longer tails&nbsp.illustrate&nbsp.sexual&nbsp.selection& they attract more females contrast to the ones with shorter tails despite their risk as an easy& flying.&nbsp.Females tend to&nbsp.differentiate&nbsp.the&nbsp.little&nbsp.differences amongst the mates and they prefer to mate with individuals who posses exaggerated behavior. These characters also&nbsp.aid& their survival (Marlene 9).Biologically, people might&nbsp.deny&nbsp.the differences of structure composition and hormones among men and women. they differ on the significance for gender values and qualities regarding the differences. Organization in the brain has also been used to determine the sex difference as in the case where females are more&nbsp.superior& verbal skills than men, because woman are&nbsp.dominant& the left-brain while men are better in the&nbsp.image&nbsp.and spatial skills because of their right&nbsp.brain&nbsp.dominance.&nbsp.The physical differences between males and females&nbsp.bring&nbsp.about the&nbsp.division&nbsp.whereby men are more aggressive than women and have stronger muscles while females have&nbsp.a better adapted pelvis&nbsp.for childbearing.&nbsp.Men’s aggressiveness helps them in their social life because it acts as a defensive mechanism.Parenting& profoundly based&nbsp.on gender. This is because being a father, or a mother means different things to the parents. In the act of preference, gender& illustrated& the issue of how men treat their sons and daughters with difference. The importance of a man relating to a woman is&nbsp.essential&nbsp.because it helps both parties&nbsp.evaluate&nbsp.whether they are a family man or a&nbsp.wife. In parenting, labor&nbsp.division& men engage in public&nbsp.category&nbsp.of working hard to& family while women, on the other hand, fall in the category of child

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