Gender Cognitive Skills

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Write the homework on Gender Cognitive Skills and Stereotype Effect. Write a 3000 word paper answering; Ranging from seasoned philosophers to the John Doe’s of the modern world, they possess a common feature that is time and life. These two provisions yield in the equality and sum up the discussions that have become more prevalent in the modern world. In defining stereotype, it is imperative to acknowledge certain factors that contribute towards the final explanation and background of the term. There is what the majority think about people of a certain class for instance and then there is the minority who on most occasions are the victims to stereotype. Therefore, when a person raises his voice and associates himself with a specific class, cards change hands. It is at this point that the people’s perceptions get aligned to a common school of thought that if the latter belief in such doctrines, then he must possess the characteristics that are evident in that specific class. From this observation, it is crystal clear that the normal relationship between humans is being compromised by the stereotype effect at a very fast rate. It is stereotype at its best when a person believes that someone has a particular character only because a fairly large number of people believe that someone of their class must be like them and not because they know anything about his or her personality. The situation that the world is in can be likened to the end-times. There are a lot of misguided assumptions and off the record perceptions that are in the air and have as a result affected the human relationship. For instance, the gap between the rich and the poor is propelled by such stereotype in that. the poor believe that the rich have taken what is rightfully theirs in order to be in their rich position. As Karl Marx once argued, “it is hard for a person to revolt against an informed mass.” The prevailing scenario will lead to a polarized society where we all know of the outcome in such a setting. This has formed the baseline&nbsp.of all discussions that revolve around gender.&nbsp.

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