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Write an essay on Game scrabble. Paper must be at least 1000 words. In this paper, we shall have a look into the lives of three characters and their relationship to scrabble (Petrillo & Chaikin, 2004).In the documentary video called Word Wars posted by Julian Petrillo and Eric Chaikin in You Tube, a detailed analysis is made about scrabble through looking into the lives of some of the characters who won the Scrabble prize money some years ago. One of the characters is Matt Graham, who at the moment was the 8th best player in the world (Petrillo & Chaikin, 2004). A close up into his personal and games life was made and the audience had a look at how a scrabble champion lives. In MattÂ’s case, he is obsessed with scrabble. First of all, Matt lives a simple life, he is neither rich nor poor, but he is constantly dreaming of becoming a champion another time so that he can take the prize money home. He is a down to earth person, and one could get a glimpse of what he does at his home (Petrillo & Chaikin, 2004). From the documentary, Matt does not have a regular job, though plays scrabble as a professional. In as much as he knows that becoming a professionally paid scrabble player entails a lot of hard work and dedication, he does not relent on this, but instead pushes himself to the limits. He has a library full of dictionaries to nourish him with new words (Petrillo & Chaikin, 2004). He has studied volumes of dictionaries and constantly yearns for more in order to build his word vocabulary. In order for Matt to boost his brain capacity to absorb the large quantities of information, he uses a number of drugs (Petrillo & Chaikin, 2004). From the documentary, you can clearly see he uses a number of brain boosters. One could think he is a psychiatric case with obsessiveness to the game through the kind of investments he has made for such a game. At his house, Matt is not an organized person based on the unarranged stuff in his house. In addition, he is not a

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