Fund investment and management

Compose a 250 words assignment on fund investment and management in venture capital market. Needs to be plagiarism free! FUND INVESTMENT AND MANAGEMENT IN VENTURE CAPITAL MARKET By Fund Investment and Management in Venture CapitalMarketFund investment and management in venture capital market is a critical topic for study in the financial studies and the related courses. Fund investment incorporate the amount of money which an individual or corporate has set aside to start or improve a business. There are specifications that have to be attained or ascertained within a given business environment to merit investments. The venture capital entails the financial capital availed during the initial stages, advanced potential to the growth start up corporate that is also accompanied by higher risks due to the anticipated or the unknown uncertainties. The most critical aspect is the management of the venture capital because it determines the success of the market that are also influenced by the status of the markets. The research would incorporate the introduction, research findings, result analysis, discussion, conclusion and recommendations.ObjectivesThe objectives of this research concerns the financial attributes that relate corporate to the market status and the competitors capabilities that influence the performances in the economies. This project intends to generate critical information on the financial investment and management of the capital. The research also seeks to produce insight on the financial information through the utilization of the previous works in finances. The provision of explicit relationships on the fund investments and management of capital is also key in the analysis of this topic. MethodologyThe research will incorporate several techniques to attain the most substantial information concerning the topic. There will be involvement of appropriate data collection techniques such as observations, interviews, focus groups, questionnaires and surveys. The research would embrace the most advantageous techniques to mitigate the errors that might deter accurate findings, critical analysis and resolute recommendations. There will be applications of primary and secondary data sources to avail adequate information throughout the research exercise.SurveysSurveys will involve the performance of a passive evaluation exercise on the marketing and developing trends of the business as manifested in different locations. Surveys can be applied when determining financial investments, capital provisions, customer requirements and specifications. There would be a decision on the persons to be surveyed and the most appropriate survey model. The survey would be tested before its availability for the actual research activity.ObservationDirect information involves a process of both seeing and listening by the examiners. The observation methods will encompass direct view of the activities followed by actual recordings of the information. The focus groups will emphasize on the getting of information from groups of populace concerning their utilization of the corporate facilities, service provisions and the financial investments.QuestionnairesData collection using questionnaires target larger groups and would prompt issuing of questionnaires to people at all locations with the businesses from which the information would be targeted. The involved parties would fill in the questionnaires to express their opinions concerning the company. Similarly, the managers of businesses would also be issued with the questionnaires to fill and enable for the grasping of their views for analysis. The questionnaires may avail in depth information on the situation since the intended designs will address all sections of the business and its interactions with the society.InterviewsThe criteria will employ the direct questioning of the subjects through conversations. Interviews are suitable in the investigation of data into details. This method operates via conversations on which immediate response is obtained from the subjects. The exercise will also perform direct interviews from the public who form the service consumers of the corporate, managers and the staffs. In addition to the mentioned individuals, the method would also perform well in diverse groups due to its independence of literacy levels.BibliographyAckroyd S & Hughes, J. A, 1981, Data Collection in Context, LongmanBartzokas A & Mani S., 2004, Financial systems, corporate investment in innovation, and venture. New York. John Willey & SonsBocij P, Chaffey D, Hickie S & Greasley A (2006). 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