Freshman Lecture attended

Write a 3 page essay on summary and analysis of the Freshman Lecture attended. Paul Johnson, in his lecture stated about the first project on the Rocky Mountain Arsenal (RMA), which provides a descriptive analysis on toxic horror, which spread over 27 square miles of Denver. As stated by Johnson, the main cause behind the worse effect of toxic horror was due to the launch of chemical weapons by the United State of American Army and the Pesticides by the Shell Chemical Company. The toxic pollution was the primary cause of destroying various lives of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decides to detoxify the environment and prepare a team for cleaning up the locality. Paul Johnson was one of the team members of EPA (University of Colorado Boulder, 1994).In the session, he spoke about the next project, which was done to prevent Ground Water Pollution. As per the view of Paul Johnson the pollution level was high in the areas of California, Texas, and Florida due to the pollution. In this regard, EPA had decided to evaluate the main cause of the problem.

It was witnessed that the primary cause of the pollution is due to the leaking of ground water tanks. In this context, data was collected by the Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) to make an analysis related to the plum length. After the assessment of the research Paul Johnson decided that MTBE is an appropriate approach for mitigating the problem related to ground water pollution. Another aspect that was considered by Johnson in the lecture was about vapor intrusion. Vapor intrusion implies to the movement of explosive chemicals to the underlying buildings from the various layers of subsurface. These explosive chemicals can harm the various levels of air when mixed up with the polluted soil and ground water. The vapors can enter into the houses through the cracks of the building and be the reason of decompression in the buildings. Paul Johnson applied few models to preserve around three thousand houses from the vapor

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