Forensics, Health And Ethics

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Write an argumentative essay on Forensics, Health And Ethics.

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From this article, it is clear that authorities have the upper hand towards what the corpse might be put into. There would be institutions who would honor legal documents while some would need other supporting documents that families would need to satisfy. With regards to ethics, there are still undetermined standards and guidelines concerning people who are mentally challenged. This should be the aspect of health care and ethics, even forensics, which should be further expounded by different associations. It is to protect the rights of people with the mental problem yet is still very much alive and has the same human rights as any normal human being. Appelbaum (1997) even stated that “Violations of moral rules, in fact, are an inevitable consequence of the complexity of life.”

When emotions are put into play, balancing the facts and ethics sometimes become impossible. Emotions would weigh too much that it is the ethics that will overrule the facts which would create conflicts. Some might even go into extremes just to prove their point even if it is not feasible most of the times. People have lost their loved ones and others have lost their careers by not being able to balance facts and ethics properly. However, for some, it is the facts that are weighed more and unethically make decisions. The latter occurs not much as the prior scenario. There should be a different code of ethics for each branch of health science and healthcare. Answering to the needs of people in different situations would mean different judgments to be considered.

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