Forensic criminology

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This case study’s objective is to assess the research article entitled, ‘Direct work with racially motivated offenders’. Cognitive behavior of an individual has become one of the significant elements in the criminology to understand criminal behaviors among individual. Criminologists and sociologist claim society plays a crucial role in the development of cognitive behavior of individual. Social strains (racial, ethnic, cultural, linguistic etc.) and aggressive racial prejudices are linked with the offending behaviors. With the passage of time, criminologist seeks to understand criminal behaviors through implementation of socio-economic theories to develop in-depth understanding about crime and criminal behaviors in the society.

Criminologists are inclined to eliminate criminal behaviors through developing effective cognitive behavior programs and designs to eliminate criminal behaviors in the society. Criminologists are inclined to understand the social strain that lead individual to adopt criminal behaviors. Similarly, David Court (2003) in their study shares the researcher share personal experience of piloting intervention material design for work. In order to understand the behaviors of racially motivated offend, David analyzes the murder of Rolan Adams, Rohit Dughal and Stephen Lawrences. David Court (2003) in the study implemented draft assessment and intervention material in order to assess criminal behaviors prevailing in racially motivated offenders.

The main focus of the intervention was designed for the participants at work. The intervention program is based on seven module assessment that allows the understand the development of offending behaviors through understanding socialization process of individual from their childhood that leads to the develop racial identities among individuals.

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