First Day at a New Job

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Prepare and submit a term paper on First Day at a New Job. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. I had so many expectations on my first day at work. There were so many things that I imagined that I would experience on my first day at work, whether my expectations were met or not does change the fact that my first day at work has come and gone.I gained employment at a large confectionery company. On getting to the office, I met a beautiful female receptionist, who was receiving a phone call at the time I got to the place, so I had to wait for her to finish receiving the call. The receptionist was dressed in a purple suit with purple earrings to fit. I tendered my approved application letter and she directed me to the sales department where I would be working. The receptionist directed me to the fourth floor, which was the sales department.I climbed the stairs to the fourth floor as the company had no elevator. I remember that I saw about twelve persons in the sales department. They were all dressed in black suits with seven females and five males. This gave me the impression that they all had a particular mode of dressing. The office was actually a hall and it was painted green with about twenty-four rocking chairs and twelve round benches in it. As I got to the office, they were all looking at me like an alien. I felt like the ground should open up and swallow me as the faces were too much on me. However, I summoned courage, walked majestically into the office, and asked after the Head of the Sales Department. I was surprised to see that the Head of the Sales Department was some inches shorter than I was. I expected that I would meet a huge man as my boss, but spotting him made me see that there is actually a huge difference between fantasy and reality. The Head of my new department spoke with a thin voice and told me to sit down on a black rocking chair which was directly opposite his own. He gave me a description of my job and told me that, they work collectively to achieve the goal of the company. This was actually the way that an organization operates (Jones 18).I was introduced to the other staff of the Sales Department and my boss told them that, they should accept me as one of them as we shared the same passion and have a common goal. I shook hands with them and exchanged pleasantries with all of them. I settled down fast on that same day and was acquainted with the mode of operation of the sales department.

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