Final Individual Share Performance

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Final Individual Share Performance


The reason for choosing the company lies in the fact that it is one of the most well known financial companies in the UK. The report also recommends whether the nominal amount can be invested in Barclays for purchasing the shares and also sells it at the right time. Barclays Bank Plc. offers banking services to about 48 million customers and clients around the world by offering investing, lending and protecting their money. For more than 300 years it has worked as an expert in banking industry (Barclay, 2015b). Investing in Barclays is profitable as it aims at delivering return on equity to the customer, which is higher than the cost of equity (Barclay, 2015c). The future of the institution is based on the international banks, which has four core divisions such as Barclarcard, Personal and Corporate Banking, Investment Banking and Africa Banking (Barclay, 2015a).PEST analysis of banking industry in the UK is discussed henceforth, which helps in identifying the factors and may affect sustainability of Barclays Banks Plc. in the long run.

The PEST analysis will help in determining whether the external environment will affect the business of Barclays, which will in turn reduce the rate of return on the investment of £10,000.Political: The stability of UK government affects the business of Barclays to a great extent. Government interference is the key risk that can be encountered by the banking industry in the UK. Hence, like Barclays, other financial institutions such as HSBC and Morgan Stanley have the responsibility to abide by the rules that are formulated by the present government. Hence, the change in power has the ability to affect the business of the banks.

Moreover, it is observed that the regulatory environment in the UK is unstable. The Basel rules based on the bank capital requires the banks to hold quality core tier capital equal to 10% of the assets, which is adjusted by risk (European Commission, 2015).Economic: The gross domestic.

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