Featherfall Medical Center

Overview: Imagine you have been contracted to consult on the recent developments at the Featherfall Medical Center. Featherfall has been struggling of late; ithas had a series of problems that have prompted your hiring. It has faced the following issues:1. Featherfall has recently violated several government regulations regarding the current state of its technology and how it is being used. The technologysystem is vastly out of date, and staff are not always using the technology that is in place or they are using the technology inappropriately. Theseproblems have lost the institution lots of money for not meeting government regulations and have caused operational and ethical problems frominefficient and ineffective use of technology.2. The staff at Featherfall are not well-trained on the use of technology and do not communicate appropriately about technology use. The roles thatpertinent to your consult are the health information management team, the clinical staff (doctors, nurses, etc.), and administrative staff. The healthinformation management team uses proper coding practices, and the current technology system serves them well, despite its age. However, other rolesin the hospital have had issues with the system. Clinical staff, for instance, have had record-keeping issues both due to lack of training on the system andthe system itself being out of date. Administrative staff within the organization have taken issue with the lack of communication about the technologyand its use between the various roles. When the current technology system was chosen many years ago, the needs of these various roles were notconsidered.In this milestone, you will submit a discussion of the history of healthcare information management/informatics and the current landscape in terms oftechnology. This milestone will set the stage for your project.Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed:I. Preparation for Consult: In this section of your final project, you will prepare for your consultation on the organization’s technology choice. To prepare,you will analyze the field of health information management for determining standard technologies and guidelines related to technology use in order toinform your technology selection.A. Analyze key historical events in the field of health informatics for how technology has been used that could inform the management of healthinformation. Be sure to support your response with appropriate examples.B. Determine guidelines for technology use in the field of health information management that Featherfall could implement. Be sure to supportyour response with research.C. Determine the standard technologies currently used in the field of health information management. Be sure to support your response withresearch. For example, what record-keeping technologies are typically used in the field?D. Develop an overview of how the pertinent roles described at Featherfall would interact with technology.E. Describe the process you would use to evaluate new health information technology systems. Be sure that your process will evaluate newsystems based on how they meet the needs of the organization and how they are compliant with health regulations and laws.Rubric is attached as well.This milestone must be 2–3 pages in length (plus a cover page and references) and must be written in APA format. Use doublespacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. All references cited in APA format.

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