Favor of the protect life

Write an article on in favor of the protect life act Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The litmus test for any efficient law is that it creates a favorable and just society, while leading to a minimal wastage of the tax payers’ money. After seriously deliberating and pondering on the varied aspects of law, American values and the available statistics, I have decided to emphatically support the Protect Life Act. I strongly and reasonably believe that the American tax payers’ money should not be wasted on facilitating, funding and allowing abortions. It is not only contrary the time tested Western ethics, but also does not make a sound economic sense. Many people are perhaps simply not aware of the fact that abortion currently qualifies to be labeled a gargantuan problem for our society that is undermining its values and economy. Every year, 42 million abortions take place in the United States of America. This roughly amounts to a horrendous 115,000 abortions per day. Things will get clearer if one takes into consideration as to whom the people are having these abortions. 52 percent of the women resorting to abortions happen to be less than 25 years of age. (The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform: Online)). Moreover, of these, 20 percent happen to be teenagers (The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform: Online). Also, out of all the abortions conducted every year, only 1 percent are performed on women who are victims of incest or rape, and a mere 6 percent of these abortions are performed for reasons classified as potential health risks to the mother or the child (The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform: Online). Astonishingly, 93 percent of the abortions are carried on for social or personal reasons ((The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform: Online). The American society and the American tax payer certainly have ample responsibilities towards people facing health risks and those who are the victims of crime and abuse. But, going by the mentioned statistics, why should the American public be wasting its hard earned money on supporting the abortions of people who simply get carried away by the recreational aspects of their love life, without giving a serious thought to the possible outcomes of their irresponsible attitude. I am no way against unmarried people engaging in sex, and am all in favor of sex education. Yet, I also hold that as people are responsible for the consequences of their career decisions, financial decisions, they are also as much responsible for the outcomes of their coital decisions and choices. Hence, it is they who should be bearing the cost of their irresponsible acts and not the American tax payer. The other thing that needs to be taken into consideration is that is abortion simply a problem or also a symptom of a bigger problem existing in our economic system? Again, it would be realistic and pragmatic to resort to the available and credible statistics. Almost, 29 percent of the abortions are availed by women whose family income stands to be less than $ 15,000 (The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform: Online). 19.5 percent of the abortions are performed on women whose family income is between $ 15,000 and $ 29,999 (The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform: Online). In the case of women whose family income is more than $ 60,000, a mere 13.

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