Fat vs Thin

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Write an essay on Fat vs Thin. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!The adjective form of the word is of interest here. Fat can be looked at as the state of being well stocked and having plenty to spare. Abundance is a pre requisite of being fat in whatever way. If one is physically fat, then the body has to be plump with a lot of flabby tissue, signifying abundance. A more polite way of referring o such a person would be saying that one is obese or overweight. When referring to anything else as fat, the idea behind it would be portraying the object as being well filled and rich in quality and tone. Anything that is fat possesses the character of being impressive and substantial. Whereas referring to someone as fat can be looked at as negative and often demeaning. the exact opposite meaning is obtained if and when talking about lifeless objects and phenomena (Altman 26).Thin is a word that can also be categorized as an adverb, noun or adjective depending on its use and position in a sentence. The most important definition to us would be the adjective form of the word. The word thin is descriptive in nature and is used to describe entities, be they alive or lifeless. Thin means being in a poor and inadequate state. It is often used to describe matter that is sparsely placed and poorly concentrated. Insufficiency is usually the underlying causative phenomenon in as far as being thin is concerned. It informs the absence of fullness and resonance. Human beings and animals can also be defined as thin. Thin in this sense would mean that one is slender or lean in stature and form (Altman 69).Thin is majorly used to describe one’s embodiment. Whereas thin can generally be viewed as a negative phenomenon, there are instances when it defines positivity. When a person is referred to as thin for instance, the assumption is that the person is both lean and in shape. Fat is the opposite of thin and vice versa. No matter how you look at it regardless of what informs your decision, something or someone cannot be

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