Fallacies Analysis

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Submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Fallacies Analysis.This is a type of question that is intended to make the opponent look unavoidably bad and uncomfortable. It can be found in political campaigns aimed at the citizens’ noble feelings: e.g. do you favor voting for a party that will legalize drugs, promote gay marriages and diminishes importance of religious spirituality justifying it with democratic aspirations?In this fallacy, the premises supporting the conclusion imply that the conclusion is true. For example, one can say that the United States is the best country to live in the world because there are no other countries better than the U.S.Drawing conclusions based on the available evidence, we often suppress both available and unavailable evidence that might make the conclusion more consistent. A common instance is insisting that America is an inherently Christian nation relying on the fact that ‘in God, we trust’ is inscribed in money. However, this conclusion is inconsistent due to a suppressed evidence: this inscription was added in the middle of the 20th century because of the fear of communism.Lack of proportion is over- or underestimation of actions, arguments, and outcomes used to convince people. An instance of this fallacy can be seen in downplaying important arguments for the sake of less significant ones. For example, a mother can be worried about the risk her child faces at school, i.e. risk of a mass school shooting. but she ignores the significance of the risk the child faces going to the school by bus daily.

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