External marketing audit

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Write an article on external marketing audit of sara lee corporation Paper must be at least 3250 words. This paper tells that in frozen food, the company is at the top in the U.S with fair market positions in Europe and Brazil, while it is one of the largest producers of tea and coffee. In the body care section, the company holds the top position in the European bath and shower market, in the households side, they are having one of the world famous shoe polishes named Kiwi. The company is trying to settle the market of branded apparel, which includes men’s and boy’s wear, also sportswear. The thing that should be kept in mind at this stage is that the Sara Lee is making most of those products in which brand switching is common, and there are relatively very few differences between the competitor’s products and the company’s products, for example the shoe polish Kiwi is having competition with Cherry Blossom, if a consumer would go to buy Kiwi and would not find it in a shop, he would buy cherry blossom rather than going to the other shop and look for Kiwi, the company is thus having everyone as there target audience, but it also depends on the different products they are selling, such as in foods and beverages the real market segment is those individuals who are having no family and are working and living alone, it is a big segment in the U.K and fair in U.S, in the body care section the target audience is originally women but keeping in view the prevailing demands they have also started catering men in the society, in the house hold products, the main product is shoe polish, KIWI and they were initially catering men but due to increased usage of leather shoes by women they are also targeting them, especially after the introduction of sponges, another product the company is offering is the Ambi Pur air fresheners and body sprays which they are catering men and women both, also Sanex is a product used as body care product, they are again having women as their target audience, In the apparel section their target audience is again women of the society as they require more of comfort than men, but they have also introduced sports wear which both men and women use. So the entire target audience consists of people who are young and energetic in life. Of course every company’s mission is the profitability while providing something that sounds good to the customer, the company’s mission for customer is the product innovation and also the new product development, as their slogan suggests,&nbsp.

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