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In Chapter 2 we are learning about the benefits of enterprise applications. ERP, SCM and CRM programs are capable of integrating an organization, increasing supply chain visibility, creating efficient flow of information throughout and organization and improving customer relations. So, why isn’t every organization taking advantage of these systems? Well, according to the META Group, on average 70% of all IT-related projects fail to meet their objectives (Lewis 2001). Newer estimates suggest that around 50% of IT projects require major alterations by the time they are completed (Marr 2016). 

Large and small companies alike experience failures during SCM, CRM and ERP implementation. During Week 8, we will cover project management, which is a crucial part of software implementation success. For now, let’s focus on understanding why these projects failed.1. Choose one of the articles below about IT implementation failures at well-known businesses and briefly describe their experience with enterprise application implementation, including what type of enterprise application they were trying to implement.

Why did you think they failed?

What lessons about technology integration, implementation and management are most important for future business people and knowledge workers (You!) to learn from this failure.

This is a sample question

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