Executing Strategies in Global Environment

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Write an article on Executing Strategies in a Global Environment: Examining the Case of Federal. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Essentially, this complex statement is rather simple to understand. due to the fact that FedEx is responsible for delivering packages to individuals, corporations, or entities around the globe. As such, the actual process that this delivery takes is the most important complement in building block of whether or not the firm will continue to maintain success and profitability. For instance, the past several years have indicated situations in which different competitors have either succeeded or failed based upon the degree and extent to which efficiency could be evoked within their supply chain. An indication of this can of course be seen with respect to DHL and the means by which it engaged with the American market. Upon purchasing an American subsidiary as a means of gaining inference, DHL then spend a further $1.5 billion as a means of seeking peace streamline the efficiency of existing networks and improve upon this in order to gain further profitability and success within the market. Realizing that it had to compete with the likes of FedEx and the extraordinarily successful UPS, DHL determined that the most effective means that it could spend its hard earned money was in terms of seeking to improve upon the efficiency of delivery and the processes underpinning this fundamental business activity. Naturally, such a statement should not be understood to indicate that FedEx, or any other package delivery industry, places quality, innovation, or customer responsiveness at a lower priority (Zhao, 2014). Instead, efficiency has been widely determined by a litany of different market experts and analysts as the most important factor with regard to whether or not such a package delivery service can ultimately be successful and continue to compete/engage profitability within the given market.

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