Evolution of Western music

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Plan an essay on the following topic, Explore some ideas.about the following topic,Final ProjectStudying the evolution of Western music in our class from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, we have discussed several paradigms regarding the function of music (religious, artistic) the practice or social settings, (Chants, Mass, Opera, concerts) representation of music (musical notation), musical instruments (instrumental families) instrumental techniques, ensembles, musical discourse, musical systems (modal, tonal, atonal) etc. Even if the transition from the modal system to the tonal system at the end of the Renaissance period and beginning of the Baroque period was smooth, it created a new paradigm with the introduction of functional harmony, a more clear sense of harmonic progression and the changes from a “horizontal” production of compositions to a “vertical” one. The gradual process from the Baroque to the Romantic period that arrived to the dissolution of the tonal system in the work of Wagner was also gradual. It seems that is not until the period called Modernism that the real breaks with tradition was apparent. In this final project you will be free to choose and discuss any aspect of traditional (modal/tonal) music confronted or compared to similar aspects of the Modernist period. You could use specific works (compositions) and/or composers from the modal/tonal period and specific works and or composers from the Modernist period to make your points.You can also discuss for example the use of musical form in the modal/tonal period confronted to the use of form in the modernist works.Compositional techniques, instrumental techniques o any other aspect of music mentioned in the first paragraph.Give as many examples as possible to make your points clear.

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