Evaluating Circle Time

Write a 80 page essay on Evaluating Circle Time as a tool for developing self-esteem in primary aged children who suffer with reduced esteem.A special thank you goes out to the school administrators and the parents/guardians of the children selected for this important research project. For your professionalism, support, and encouragement, your contribution to this project is what made this study possible to administer. You know who you are.Primary-aged children in todays classroom environment require a significant investment on behalf of the educator in relation to providing a quality-learning environment geared toward satisfying the mandated curriculum demands of the school. However, far beyond the concepts of mathematics, reading literacy or any other rather generic lesson lies the necessity in fostering productive socialisation, both between peers and the educator. In a typical educational facility, moulding and stimulating these relationships can be relatively simple as positive socialisation tends to occur as a natural evolution of children interaction. However, when instructing children with special educational needs, both in the form of physical and mental disabilities, the process of engaging quality social interaction can be a significant undertaking. Children dealing with frustrations stemming from physical or emotional insecurities, especially when paired with children of more advanced developmental capabilities are often plagued with diminished self-esteem and increased anxiety due to poor (or false) self-assessments of their own inadequacies. As such, developing a positive self-image in these primary-aged children with special educational needs (SEN) must be a primary goal of the contemporary educator As an experienced primary educator, the problems, I have personally encountered within a learning environment in which primary-aged children of various disabilities are paired with children who maintain (at least) average ability, are that some of these

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