Europe in the Early Middle Ages

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Submit a 250 words paper on the topic Europe in the Early Middle Ages. Europe in the early middle Ages: and Lecturers Europe in the early middle ages was a period that lasted on the fifth century in Europe up to the tenth century. The Romans before this period ensured that they took the highest positions and introduced Christianity in Europe1. During this period of the middle ages, the Western Roman Empire in Europe declined hence paving way for the High Middle Ages. This period was also referred to as the Dark ages since there was a great decline in the population, a decline in the trading systems, and immigration in Europe rose steadily. However, the beginning of Renaissance was a period between two essential periods in the fourteenth century. It was very awful that during this period, a mysterious disease attacked many individuals killing around 20 million2. This disease spread very fast since it was transmittable from one individual to the other and hence was very difficult to prevent it from spreading. After the fall of the Roman empire, the Catholic Church united people and with time, CharlemagneÂ’ empire became the Holy RomansÂ’ Empire. Additionally, during this period, the Islamic religion became very great and powerful since the death of their prophet, Muhammad. There were also many books and articles written on Islamic Religion. Consequently, it became almost three times larger than before. Additionally, there were also mass crusades by the Christians, whose main intentions were to expel and fight the Muslims3. However, they did not succeed in the end. In the beginning of this period, Feudalism scholars governed Europe. The peasants performed most of the work and were promised protection by this system4. They also experienced a hard time since they could not leave without permission without approval by the lords.ReferenceWoog, Adam. 2012.&nbsp.The Early Middle Ages. San Diego, CA: ReferencePoint Press, Inc.

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