Ethical, legal and professional considerations

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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Ethical, legal and professional development is a set incremental and iterative method which is focused on the value of customers and interactions that turn it to a business reality following a particular plan. For a project which is meant to investigate methods of agile development, effects of using agile to improve IT and valuation of agile methods, there are a number of crucial considerations that can be focused on. They include legal considerations, professional considerations and ethical considerations.A systematic approach for dealing with any moral dimensions of any practice or activity is professionalizing. Software development is considered an emerging profession in engineering whereby a professional is expected to rely on common sense alongside time-honored experience other than relying application of scientific knowledge and principles and lack the essentials elements of a real professionalism.Any profession has a basic requirement for training and learning, a particular code of conduct that impose high standards, an effective disciplinary system meant for those people who breach the code, a basic emphasis on the social responsibility of a professional and finally licensing.Therefore, when a code of conduct is enforced in a profession or rather for given professionals, it has a significance impact on the professionals. To start with, it enables a professional to protect and serve the public by developing user friendly and less harmful software. Secondly, it enables a professional to inspire and provide guidance to other aspiring or junior professionals in the field. Moreover, enforcement of code of conduct enables professionals to arrive at or rather meet the set standards for a given profession. for this case Agile Software Development. Fourthly, it assists in giving moral support that is essential for validation of courageous decisions in line of duty. Finally, enforcing code of conduct in Agile Development educates and engenders mutual understanding among professionals

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