Essay on Nintendo

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Write a 2 page essay on Nintendo.Apart from this, the ease with which customers can adapt to the games is also a driving force and making the competition more intense within the industry.4. Nintendo is focusing on delivering products which are unique and are not being used in the industry by others. As such, it is focusing on the differentiation strategy by producing gaming consoles which are radically different from the competitors. Nintendo has been using differentiation strategy however, it is using it relatively defensive manner.6. One of the key strengths of the firm is its ability to manufacture technologically simple gaming consoles and other products. However this not guarantees the competitive position for the firm as big giants like Sony and Microsoft. Though it has a competitive advantage in producing handheld gaming consoles however, its advantage is not sustainable as it requires consistent improvements in technology to dominate the market.8. It needs to further develop its existing markets by diversifying into other and related products in the existing markets. It needs to improve its existing markets by launching new products in the same markets it is serving

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