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Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses – AMAZON.The featured organization remained engaged in selling DVDs, CDs, VHS cassettes and a lot of electronics before it can actually became capable of developing and commercializing Kindle Fire tablet. The introduction of Kindle acted like a lucky charm for the retailer and things initiated to look improved ever since the product was launched in the year of 2011 whereas, its predecessor Kindle e-book Reader was launched in 2007. The improved version of the formerly mentioned product was released in 2012 (History & Timeline, 2014). The company produces products by outsourcing their manufacturing to countries that can produce them cheaply. The apparels are made in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The technological products are either made in China or US. The products are distributed through chain of warehouses, fulfillment centers and third party distributors (Kucera, 2014).Jeff Bezos had incorporated as an organization in July 1994 and the website was made available for customer use in 1995 after intensive tests and beta version releases. However, the concept worked and worked great indeed. The initial name of the company was Cadabra and it was replaced with Amazon after getting inspired with the title of Amazon River which is one of the most spacious water masses located on the face of the Earth. The Amazons is a term that was used to refer to great nation of female warriors known to exist in the traditional Greek mythology. Amazon managed to vend its subsidiary websites to England, America, France, Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia, Brazil, Japan, China, India and last but not the least Mexico. In 2011, the company was in plans to launch its websites in Poland, Netherlands and Sweden. Jeff Bezos did not engage in internet business in the period of early development of the industry but he made up for his misgivings in this regard and introduced Amazon in 1994. Amazon as a

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