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Essay Government Contract/ Acquisitions / Procurement Law Contract Provisions for Protection. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.R 52.246-10 ‘high-level quality inspection’ is presumed appropriate for only critical or complex items that require control of items like WIP & inspection or factors like planning, documentation etc. Finally, clause 52.246-2 ‘standard inspection’, demands that contractors maintain acceptable systems that are acceptable to the government as determined by the QA personnel. As stated in clause 52.246.1, the inspection by contractor takes precedence over all the other levels of inspection and thus, is considered the most important (Feldman, 2013).The inspection of contracts of fixed-price supplies is significant in that it places responsibility and liability on the side of the contractor or sub-contractors for costs that are incurred by the government in carrying out tests or inspections unless stated otherwise in the contract. In addition, this includes costs for re-inspection in cases where contractors or sub-contractors fail to be ready by the specified date of inspection or costs incurred for rejection or correction of materials (Feldman, 2013). Therefore, given the above stated requirements and responsibilities, the clause thus, should exert equal value on the firm’s fixed-price contractual obligations and those for cost-plus contractual obligations because the requirements stated in the two clauses are similar as pertaining to inspections and tests costs, which have the tendency of increasing the overall cost of the project. Thus, unjustifiable costs incurred by the government should be charged to the contractor for both contracts unless otherwise

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