Escaping Scalem

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Write an essay on ESCAPING SALEM. It needs to be at least 250 words.In an attempt to find what she is suffering from – mind, it being an era that witchcraft was common — Kate accuses others of bewitching her. Two women were finally put on trial. The book Escaping Salem takes the reader through the Connecticut court room. Witchcraft in a court room is more dramatic than one would ever imagine. The town’s people are scared of the act and its practice in the township, and this is a view that the judges are quick to point out to. Witchcraft poses a great danger to the society. However, how would Branch prove that the women actually were behind her ailments? Her accusations come from the fact that some evil spirit informed her about it. How would she prove this and how would she prove that the spirit were indeed factual?Escaping Salem offers an insightful revelation of life style in the early seventeenth century America. In addition, it offers proof of the existence of the white magic, an issue that has strongly been argued upon. The only pitfall that Godbeer‘s work seems to pose is the use of some of the photos that are manipulated. The photos are helpful in offering illustration and adding to the maps. the selected bibliography seems to provide some proof too. However, the use of the photos is overrated. This is a historical book and the images ought not to appear to be fictitious.In retrospect, the book is a must read for any undergraduate student of American History or Political Science. The insights it offers are indeed factual and one would relate them to the life of that

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