Epithelial cells

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Questions A. Which type(s) of epithelial cells have a basal lamina? B. Where are epithelial tissues found in the body?C. What constitutes connective tissue? D. Where is connective tissue found in the body? E. What were the defining characteristics of skeletal muscle? What is unique about the nuclei that support the function of skeletal muscle? F. What were the defining characteristics of smooth muscle?G.What was one unique characteristic about cardiac muscle that was different from both of the other types of muscle tissue? Could you see this in the slide image?H.What are some characteristics of motor neurons that you viewed in your slide?How does heart rate help maintain homeostasis at the cellular level during exercise?B. If the heart beating faster means that more vital substances can be delivered to cells, why does the heart not naturally beat as fast when a person is resting as when they are jumping? C. Calculate the average number of heart beats per minute while resting, walking, and jumping. Was the average number of beats per minute while walking halfway between resting and jumping? Do you feel like your heart rate reflected your perception of how much energy you exerted?D.Did you feel hotter as the level of exertion increased? Did your internal body temperature vary greatly as the level of exertion increased?

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