Environmental racism

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Moreover, border policing has established considerations as people themselves entail in a single tribe. Consequently, some of the changes in the border policing that have led to reservation at Tohono Oodham include tribal officials resolving in continuation of the provision of shuttle rides north for Mexican members that needed medical treatment in the Arizona reservation. Many view the border patrol as an occupying force because cultural sensitivity training for the border agents not to offend law-abiding tribal members, developed reservation that felt hostility toward the border patrol. Border patrol helicopters fly above to help agents based on the ground and trace groups dropped by cattle trucks.

The activities above view border patrol as an occupying force (Ellingwood 124).Pulido argues that accepting “white privilege” is essential for understanding the spatiality of environmental racism because scholarships on environmental racism can be strengthened and assists in shaping various forms of racism (Pulido 55).Pulido argues that standard ways of understanding environmental racism as questions of “sitting, intentionality, and scale” take “racism and space as discrete objects, rather than social relation, for her this is a problem since environmental racism is the result of millions of individual choices that reflect specific racial formations (Pulido 335).Pulido, Laura. “Rethinking Environmental Racism: White Privilege And Urban Development In Southern California,” In J. Giesking And W. Mangold (Eds.), The People, Place, And Space Reader, New York: Routledge.2014. pp.

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