Environment and safety

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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic environment and safety. The paper shows that one must observe the environment with a greater depth because his proposed structure will have an environmental impact at the end of the day and in order to reduce that impact he must study the surroundings. This includes the type of vegetation in the area, the animal that lives around and other structures that are close to the perspective construction site. As a design engineer, I will find a location along the river banks where the land is comparatively clear and there are no trees. This will be a good location because no trees are to be cut, if there is no such site available choose the areas having least no trees and then it is suggested that if one tree falls down, at least 5 of such new should be planted in the near vicinity. Then before cutting the tree special care should be given to shifting the bird’s nest and other animals residing near the tree. Then comes the wood with which we are going to construct the bridge, in this what a responsible design engineer can do is that he can instruct the client to dictate the contractor to use the wood which is made from the wood of farmed trees. Another environmental issue that will arise is the production of waste during the excavation process and then during the construction itself. A good designer would do two things about it, firstly he will design the components that are available readymade from the market and you just have to fix them together this will reduce the waste produced at the site. Secondly, it is the job of the design consultant to draft the contract document and in which he can make the contractor contractually bound to effectively manage the waste and a suitable dump site is selected after the consensus of both the parties. The site should be under a repetitive cycle of clearance and cleaning. Furthermore, as a design engineer, I can use the ready-mix concrete for the construction of abutment to safeguard the environment. this is proposed to avoid the batching of concrete on site which will result&nbsp.in extra waste and dust.

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