Energy balance

All information in the picture ( 25 points ) I took my children fishing over the weekend and while we were there ; my 6 year old son Romanbegan asking me why he felt cold and hot at the same time . To explain , I happened to have a psychrometerand thermocouple in the car . We measured the air conditions as 14 . 7 psi , average of 6 mph velocity , 70’Fand 50% RHI , the water temperature was 50 ‘F and the sky temperature was 35 ‘ F . We estimated the lake wasapproximately 100 It by 100 It .a ) Write an energy balance about the water .60 ) Solve for the heat flux from each mechanism ( convection , radiation and evaporation )*C ) Explain the surplus / deficit from the energy balance .Discussion : From your analysis , can you answer Roman’s question ?

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