Emergency and Disaster Preparedness in Hajj

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Write the following essay on Emergency and Disaster Preparedness in Hajj: Understanding heath care provider functioning in emergency department during mass gathering (Hajj). The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.As Croskerry (2009) has asserted that effectively developed emergency teams are in a better position to serve the people in mass gatherings due to their ability to handle high-stress in a dynamic, and fluctuating environment.Wolfson et al (2010) have noted that in events of large scale, population can be both the cause and result of a health problem. They have noted that emergency teams in such settings should not only be equipped to provide emergency medical care but also possess adequate knowledge about organizational skills, knowledge about the health of public in general, prevailing common medical conditions in the region as well as the attitudes of public towards their health.Shah, (2006) have talked about the importance of on-site physician-level medical care during times of mass gatherings. The significance of this pattern of medical care has been highlighted and it has been stressed that on-site medical care have significantly improved the outcomes of several stampedes that occurred during the Islamic pilgrimage called Hajj. This work also highlights the deficiencies in this regard and notes that emergency preparedness is generally lacking where outcomes are unsatisfactory. The work highlights the facts that health care system of an area undergoes extreme stress during mass gathering events and adequate preparation is essential to prevent undesirable incidents.The notions of Mass Gathering Medicine and Disaster Medicine have been compared and discussed by Lund et al, (2011). They are of the idea that both disciplines of study have various overlapping areas and that they can be used in a collective fashion to enhance disaster preparedness. The field of Mass Gathering Medicine is still in its early stages and considerable research in this regard is required to fulfill the prevailing knowledge gaps.Leadership in emergency teams is of vital importance and the successful functioning of emergency teams

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