Elephant Crackup

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Write an essay on Elephant Crackup By Charles Siebert In New Humanities Reader. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!the last few decades, instances of elephant human attacks have been common with elephants attacking villagers without provocation, killing people and flattening houses. In retaliation, the villagers hunt and kill them using and an assortment of weapons ranging from poisoned arrows, guns or even lace food. This paper attempts to prove that elephants are killing people in reaction to present and historical injustices committed against them by humans, explores Siebert’s view that human activity is to blame for the escalating levels of violence by elephants.Like humans, elephants are social creature and live I closely knit societies. family ties are strong and groups can live together for as many as 70 years, in a show of intelligence and exceptional memories they bury their dead and visit the remains for intricate post funeral ceremonies even after many years. As such, it is postulated that elephants are becoming aggressive since they are constantly aware of the role humans play in annihilating them suffer psychologically. In the same way, humans are Wont to take vengeance for their loved ones they attack human settlements in retaliation.In South Africa, elephants seem to be exhibiting strange behavior such as attacking and raping other species such as rhinos without provocation, infighting has also increased with “up to 90 percent male elephant deaths attributed to other male elephants”(Siebert). Several explanations have been offered for the animal’s aggression the most popular is that, Elephant have a strong communal culture, not unlike humans. Normally, the older bull and matriarch elephants control and discipline the herd, poaching has resulted to the deaths of many elder elephants and the remaining young ones become undisciplined since they are brought up by, young, and inexperienced mothers, who cannot control them.Psychologists have found that, like humans, elephants are psychologically venerable as such. witnessing the massacres of other

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