Effectiveness of motivational activities

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Create a 12 page essay paper that discusses Effectiveness of motivational activities in tesco expresses in part time staff context.The questionnaire includes questions that are related to job satisfaction, employee motivation and factors that stimulate the same. The feedback to those questions will enable researcher to understand the perception of individual employees and implications of management techniques in terms of enhancing employee motivation. By gathering required feedback, the researcher will be able to do a comparative analysis by studying the extent to which ideas and theories mentioned within the empirical literatures are consistent with the practical situation. This is where relevance of an in-depth literature review lies. The groundwork will also allow researcher to identify any gaps that may exist in empirical researches and thereafter, fill the gap by conducting a relevant research.Similar to any other concept that can be described in a variety of ways, motivation too has several definitions. However, it is pivotal to focus on a particular definition that is associated with motivation factor in a workplace. A thorough understanding of the meaning of motivation will enable managers to decide upon actions that can be taken in order to enhance the level of engagement among employees. The explanation of the term motivation starts with the primary word motive. Motive is defined as a factor that influences a person to act. Hence, according to Frey and Osterloh (2002), motivation refers to the act of providing incentive that influences an individual to act. It depends on an individual whether or not he or she would be motivated by the act of someone else. This leads the researcher to come up with another conclusion that the extent to which an individual will be motivated or not depends upon a number of factors (Wigfield and Eccles, 2002). These factors, nevertheless, are not common and vary according to places. For example, an individual might be motivated by the positive behaviour

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