Ecosystems in todmorden mills park

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Writean article on ecosystems in todmorden mills park Paper must be at least 2250 words. To start with, Todmorden Mills Park has two meadows, the wet meadow, and the dry meadow. The structure of the combinations of these meadows can be explained as a patch structure as artificial structures such as bridges and buildings separate the wet and the dry meadows. The meadows are also separated by water and forests among other natural environments (Todmorden Mills Wildflower Preserve, 2004). However, the most distinct of the two meadows is the dry meadow (Figure 2 part 7). The bridge and the parking lot in this meadow act as a barrier since it blocks the meadow from some of its parts. It also blocks the meadow from the woodland and the marshy meadow. In terms of size, the meadow is large and is mostly positioned at the hilly part of the park. Apart from the bridge, the oxbow trial and the oxbow river lead to the upper side of the meadow. The view of the bridge and the parking lot as a barrier is the view from the microorganism and other animals that want to pass to the other part of the meadow. However, explaining the meadow from the human perspective makes it a corridor as the trial and the bridge helps in navigating through the meadow. Just like the meadows, which can be divided into different sections, the woodland in this park can be divided into upland woodland and lowland woodland as shown in Figure 2. All the woodlands assume a corridor structure as they act as barriers between structures. More specifically, the woodland structure covered by areas 7, 2 and 1 is a barrier to some humans, animals, and microorganisms. For example, the woodland creates a barrier between the marshy areas, the pond, and the river oxbow.&nbsp.

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