E-commerce Data Privacy and Security

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Write an article on E-commerce Data Privacy and Security. It needs to be at least 1000 words. In 2001 most popular commercial website, collecting data from the customers, have clearly mentioned privacy policy statements on their websites (Schuele 2005). Moreover, some websites out of these most popular commercial sites have not published a complete privacy policy (Schuele 2005). 1.2 Emphasizing on Privacy One more study shows that online companies emphasize and focus more on online privacy policy rather than any other aspect. Even online security is considered as the second option. Moreover, the study also concluded that online customers are more worried about their privacy rather than online threats, as they are considered to be in control. In addition, the study also demonstrated a comparison between the two decades i.e. 1999-2001 and 2005-2007 which highlighted the factors that are mentioned previously (Parayitam, Desai et al. 2008). 1.3 Focusing on Customer Demands However, study concluded one interesting factor i.e. the rankings and ratings of policies created for Internet continues to focus on demands of the web users. Moreover, consumer privacy continues to be on top in both the decades (Parayitam, Desai et al. 2008). The amplified awareness by the contributors i.e. legislators and advocates shows interest level is comparatively high. 1.4 Sugar Coating Privacy Policy Clauses It is very common for a web user seeking for a privacy policy will only able to read some pages mentioned in terms of points, applauses etc. In order to enhance customer experience with privacy policies, there must be an interactive medium via which customer can get awareness. Literature related to serious implication was also found, For instance, organizations construct the structure of sentences in a way that suits their legal rights. A study conducted by (Pollach 2007) shows that the structure of sentences in a privacy policy related to a typical online shopping website are sugarcoating data handling practices. They are foregrounding optimistic facets and at the same time back-grounding privacy incursions. 1.5 Approach From Corporate Organizations A study conducted by (Markel 2005). He concluded that corporate organizations gather personal information from their users on four core factors stated below: To provide value added services to special customers. For instance, history of customers reflects high profile of purchasing or selling products via the site. Moreover, these websites also provide forms, in order to register a customer so that he or she can access ‘only members’ portion of the website that may include special discounts and offers. Organizations also customize website contents and design according to the type of customer, in order to modify web experience. The customization is carried out as per customer’s interest that is extracted from the past history of buying and selling products. Moreover, in order to buy any product from the website, corporate organizations require shipping and billing information in order to sell the product to the web user. Corporate organization also trade customer information to third parties. This business activity is carried out to strengthen business relationships. The information can only be used for online marketing and advertisement purposes.

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