Dreams by Langston Hughes

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Dreams by Langston Hughes.

In the poem, Dreams, Hughes gives the message of how dreams are important for one’s life. The central message of the poem is the importance of having a dream and ways life would be miserable without one. According to Hughes, there are two important reasons for having a dream and the first is that life is debilitated without dreams. The assumption is clear in the poem by the use of the simile “broken-winged bird”. Secondly, life loses meaning and becomes boring without dreams, and this is evidenced in the simile “barren field frozen with snow”. According to the poem, dreams are important for one’s life in order to have a meaningful direction. Dreams also make life beautiful and exciting as people work hard at what they do to fulfil their dreams. Having one’s dreams fulfilled and accomplished comes with an undying satisfaction.

Human beings always compare themselves with other people’s lives and think they are better than they are. a notion, which continuously misleads them in every way. People then forget how blessed they are to have the kind of life that they have. However, there is another option for comparing ourselves to others by living the life, not ours by surpassing other people’s success levels. Similarly, people could focus on dreams to enable them achieve success in all they aspire. Human beings have the option of working towards their dreams and striving to achieve them by working extra hard every day. If one does not work hard enough towards their dreams, they become locked and forgotten in the minds.

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