Does God Exist

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Write 3 page essay on the topic Does God Exist.However, many philosophers came up with their own proofs for the existence of God, some of which are outlined in this paper.Rene Descartes holds a special place in the history of philosophy since he is known as the father of modern philosophy. His own proof for the existence of God is given when he starts doubting everything including his own existence.However, since he is aware of his existence, he knows he actually exists which gives us the axiom “I think therefore I am”. He then gives further proofs for the existence of his senses and uses that to show that a benevolent God must be present which allows him to have faith in the reality around him (Wikipedia, 2006). In effect, the proof given by Descartes stems from the fact that his ability of reasoning means that a God must exist (Jones, 2003).In relation to Descartes, Immanuel Kant took a slightly different approach to come to his own rationale for the existence of God. Since his philosophy was focused on the moral principles of life, he uses that to show the necessity of God. His argument is that morality is a rational system which can only exist with a moral order within the world. This moral order can only be created and conceived if there is a God present to guide us therefore, the presence of God is necessary for us (Byrne, 2004).Kant also gave an additional proof for the existence of God based on his philosophy of morality by saying that it is rational as well as morally important for us to attain happiness which comes from being virtuous and whatever we ought to attain should be possible. However, attaining this happiness would only be possible if a natural order was maintained and that can only be maintained if God is responsible for it (Byrne, 2004). It is clear that both the arguments presented form their basis on a person agreeing with Kant’s own philosophy of ethics

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